Tuesday, July 5, 2005

the Blogathon is coming ... and you're invited!

We're gearing up for a big weekend at The Brad Blog, and you're invited!

Investigative blogger and radio-show host Brad Friedman is lining up what looks like a killer radio show. It'll be his first live show in two weeks, after a holiday weekend rebroadcast. I'll have more on that for you later in the week.

Others are getting ready for a big weekend of live blogging. The following very distinguished guest bloggers will each spend at least two hours online, fielding your questions and comments:

David Cobb: 2004 Green Party Presidential Candidate
Larisa Alexandrovna: Raw Story Journalist
John Amato: Blogger from Crooks & Liars
Bob Koehler: Journalist with the Times Media Syndicate
Bob Fitrakis: Journalist and Author
Clint Curtis: "Vote-Rigging Software" Whistle-Blower
last and definitely least, in an utterly transparent effort to be 'fair and balanced', we'll have an undistinguished guest blogger as well:
Winter Patriot: ubiquitous blogger and very quiet whisperer

In a rare and very welcome move, Editor & Publisher ran a story last week about Bob Koehler's upcoming appearance; the story was covered lightly and perhaps a bit reluctantly by Brad and you can read more about it here.

You can help us to publicize this event and we really hope you'll decide to do that. One easy way to do this is to download flyers promoting the event, copy them and distribute them as widely as possible. Flyers are available in several different flavors: please click here for a post containing a list of options and links to same.

For more details on the BLOGATHON itself, please start here.