Monday, February 18, 2008

Hacked And Attacked, Back Up and Backed Up; Chris Floyd Vs. The Turkish Cyberpunks, Again!

Chris Floyd's site, Empire Burlesque, is under hack attack yet again, apparently at the hands of the same Turkish hackers who have attacked EB (and Floyd's other sites, Atlantic Free Press and Pacific Free Press) many times in the past year or so.

The attacks lately have been more frequent and more nasty, and at the moment the site is down again.

There's no doubt that it will be back up, eventually, but in the meantime Chris will be posting at his original blog, Empire Burlesque Now. That's empire burlesque now dot blogspot dot com for those who prefer the URL, and I will add the link to my sidebar so we can all find it easily.

... or as Chris phrased it:
Empire Burlesque has been under relentless assault by cyber-thugs in recent weeks and has been hacked and hijacked repeatedly. We're working hard to get on top of the problem, but I will put up posts at my older site until EB is up and running again.
And then, a bit later:
Er, uh, I forgot to embed the URL for the old site in the message above. Very clever of me, eh? That way the Turks can't find my old site!
He's brilliant, I tell ya!