Sunday, June 1, 2008

Are You With The Truth Or Against It? Obama Makes His Position Clear

Barack Obama has left his church of 20 years, in the wake of controversial [i.e. truthful] remarks made by his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and more recent remarks by another pastor, Michael Pfleger.

I would write more about this episode except:

-- the incident is essentially meaningless and will certainly be overblown,

-- throughout the "controversy", Jeremiah Wright has shown far more historical knowledge, compassion, intelligence and integrity than Obama himself, not to mention the national media, and

-- I have to leave soon because I need to get to church early. I'll be doing some tech work this morning, playing a bit of bass, too, and hoping our pastor might finally say something controversial, inflammatory, divisive and incendiary: perhaps a horrifyingly educational message about how God wants us to treat one another, with concrete examples drawn from current world affairs.

But I'm not expecting that, any more than I'm expecting Barack Obama to suddenly start telling the truth about anything. As I've noted elsewhere, he doesn't have to, because his lies are officially sanctioned.