Saturday, January 29, 2005


I've been quiet here lately, but it's a good quiet. I've been guest-blogging for Brad Friedman while he's away from his chair at the BradBlog. I invite you to stop by and check out what's been happening there, if you haven't done so already.

You could also can link directly to my recent BradBlog posts this way:

A Republican Congressman from Texas asks
What If (It Was All A Big Mistake)?

Activist Entertainment gets International Headlines
"Sundance festival screens Enron film"

Another example of cheap corruption in the media
Third Columnist Caught With Hand In Bush's Till

Commentary on a beautiful essay which explains why we have to get this war stopped:
Because There Is No Cause

More affadavits concerning strange happenings in Ohio
RECOUNT WITNESSES: Stickers Placed on OH Recount Ballots!

Tortured POWs Win Judgement Against Iraq; Justice Department Seeks To Overturn It!
Supporting Our Troops

According to John Kaminski, these are
The Best Writers On The Internet