Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mammals Ate Dinosaurs

I never thought I would see a headline like this. I always had the impression that the last dinosaurs were dead before the first mammals arrived. But apparently I was wrong again, according to this article. I'll quote just a bit of it here.
Scientists have discovered a 130-million-year-old fossil that indicates early mammals fed on young dinosaurs.

Found in Northeast China, the fossil of a mammal with a baby dinosaur in its stomach dramatically alters the accepted view of [the] relationship between dinosaurs and early mammals.

So there you have it. Apparently I was wrong twice; not only did mammals and dinosaurs exist simultaneously, but Mammals Ate Dinosaurs! That's pretty cool.

Of course, the idea that this is cool is a very liberal secular humanist idea. The idea that anything ate anything 130 million years ago is quite incompatible with the conservative fundamentalist Christian idea that the universe is only about six thousand years old. So I expect that I will soon be reading articles about conservative students refusing to listen to liberal professors who insist that Mammals Ate Dinosaurs.

So there we have it. The news of the day includes politically charged fossils! Who'd a thunk it?