Monday, September 11, 2006

CRUCIAL VIDEO: The Power Of Nightmares

Long videos are great on DVD but they can be unwieldy on the net, where short segments seem a bit easier to deal with. You may agree with me if you wish.

Here's a three-hour series from the BBC called "The Power Of Nightmares", originally broadcast as three one-hour programmes, presented here as six thirty-minute segments. Thanks to "banditosyanquis" for posting these videos on YouTube.

Pay attention, now, gang! This is serious. I humbly present (IMVHO) one of the most important documentaries ever made: The Power Of Nightmares

I: Baby It's Cold Outside (part one)

I: Baby It's Cold Outside (part two)

II: The Phantom Victory (part one)

II: The Phantom Victory (part two)

III: The Shadows In The Cave (part one)

III: The Shadows In The Cave (part two)