Wednesday, April 27, 2005

And The Horrors Continue...

What a surprise! Amnesty: Torture continuing in Iraq
Amnesty International has said there were signs of fresh torture and sexual abuse in Iraq by prison authorities.

The human rights group on Thursday also blasted the United States for failing to launch an independent probe into the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, a year after images of abused detainees first shocked the world.

"People around the world will be recalling the horrific images they saw a year ago and wondering what happened to those prisoners," Amnesty secretary-general Irene Khan said, pointing out that only a handful of low-ranking US soldiers had been prosecuted or disciplined over the outrage.

"But what was the role of those higher up, including for example, the US secretary of defence?" she demanded, referring to Donald Rumsfeld.
Why stop there? Let's get to the good questions: What was the role of the so-called president? What was the role of the new Attorney General? What was the role of the vice-president? Do you think they were unaware of what was going on? Do you think something like this could happen without their approval? Of course not!
Amnesty called for the anniversary of the publication of the photographs from Abu Ghraib "to be marked by the strongest condemnation of all forms of torture by the US and Iraqi governments".
I don't think anyone at Amnesty International should hold their breath waiting for that.

But how about "the strongest condemnation of all forms of torture" by a lowly and nearly frozen blogger? Would that help?

I didn't think so.