Saturday, April 2, 2005

The Return Of The Hound

One of my favorite blogs has been dormant for months, but no longer! Dog Skin Report is alive and barking!

Every time you open this page you get a quotation selected at random from a set which includes some very good ones. Here's one of my favorites:
...when young [DEA] agents see that people like Oliver North and Lewis Tambs (former US ambassador to Costa Rica) were banned from Costa Rica for drug running, it’s hard for them to accept. They consider this like: “Well, this is a plot. We don’t want to believe this.” Because, to accept it and to believe it is to accept that your career is a lie. Your chosen goal in life is a total lie.

— former DEA agent Michael Levine
The Dog Skin Report's newest article -- the first new post since the middle of January -- says this:
I don’t normally quote the NY Times, since they are so freqently on the ass-end of stories of importance. But occasionally something real slips through the cracks. Here is one of those. Read it carefully, and then memorize the name of Eric Lichtblau. And if you see him begging on the street in the next few years, remember this piece.
The piece by Eric Lichtblau begins like this:
New Details on F.B.I. Aid for Saudis After 9/11


WASHINGTON, March 26 - The episode has been retold so many times in the last three and a half years that it has become the stuff of political legend: in the frenzied days after Sept. 11, 2001, when some flights were still grounded, dozens of well-connected Saudis, including relatives of Osama bin Laden, managed to leave the United States on specially chartered flights.

Now, newly released government records show previously undisclosed flights from Las Vegas and elsewhere and point to a more active role by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in aiding some of the Saudis in their departure.

The F.B.I. gave personal airport escorts to two prominent Saudi families who fled the United States, and several other Saudis were allowed to leave the country without first being interviewed, the documents show.

The Saudi families, in Los Angeles and Orlando, requested the F.B.I. escorts because they said they were concerned for their safety in the wake of the attacks, and the F.B.I. - which was then beginning the biggest criminal investigation in its history - arranged to have agents escort them to their local airports, the documents show.
You can read the full Dog Skin Report piece here.

You can also read the entire New York Times piece here.

And it may also be time to place (or reactivate) a bookmark on Dog Skin Report!

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