Friday, April 1, 2005

Phony "Voters Rights" Group Exposed!

I usually don't talk too much here about what Brad Friedman has been doing at the Brad Blog, assuming [perhaps naively] that most of my readers are already reading his excellent blog.

If you aren't reading Brad Friedman, please take note: this is something you don't want to miss: a real American journalist doing real American journalism.

Brad has been digging into a few interesting stories lately, one of which concerns ACVR, the supposedly non-partisan "voters rights" group, which presented extremely partisan testimony to a congressional committee -- three days after it was founded! If this sounds strange to you, then that's good -- you're on the right track, but you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Brad is maintaining a 'Special Coverage' page with links to the stories he has posted so far. That page is here. If you have not explored it already, I urge you to do so now!

I also urge you to tell your friends about it. Do your best to publicize this link in every way you can, and encourage everyone else to do the same, and maybe -- if we're lucky -- we might survive the torrent of propaganda that's coming from the new American "Ministry of True Lies".