Saturday, January 26, 2008

Defense Bill Aims To Help Victims Of Terrorist Attacks

False-flag terrorism will get a boost from the Defense Appropriations Bill passed by Congress, thanks to a deeply buried provision that will allow the victims (and families of victims) to obtain extensive damages from the scapegoats.

Thus, having blamed a foreign country for some "terrorist atrocity", we can now bomb the snot out of them and take their best stuff.

It seems like a double-whammy. But it's not.

It's a triple-whammy, with the first two shots as noted and the third sure to manifest itself on the domestic political front, in mass-mailings such as the following:
Dear Hoodwinked Constituent,

I voted for the Defense Appropriations Bill despite my well-known opposition to the war, not only because I love the brave and glorious troops, but also because the bill allows victims of terrorist attacks and their families to be generously compensated by the foreign government deemed responsible -- something no previous Defense Appropriations Bill has ever done!

As you know, the probability that you and/or all your loved ones will be killed or horribly injured in a terrorist attack is so enormous that it must consume all our budget and drive all our policies. And even at that, we cannot guarantee your absolute safety. But under the new Defense Appropriations Bill, each of your bereaved loved ones will be entitled to 800 tons of sand from some godforsaken Middle Eastern country, plus a lifetime supply of pistachios from Iran and a relic from an ancient Persian collection.

So (Please) Vote For Me (Again) (Or Else!!)

Your Corrupt Congressman