Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why Saddam Hussein Didn't Use His WMD

In the spring of 2003, shortly after the United States had invaded Iraq, a couple of my friends asked me, "Why hasn't Saddam Hussein used his weapons?"

"What weapons?" I would ask.

"His weapons of mass destruction," they would say. Haven't you heard about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction?"

"Saddam doesn't have any weapons of mass destruction," I would say. "That's why Hans Blix couldn't find them."

"Sure he does," they would counter, "or else we wouldn't have invaded. But why hasn't he used them?"

60 Minutes finally gets an answer to that question and it comes from the FBI agent who interrogated Saddam: He didn't know we were coming.

That's right! Everybody in the entire world who could read or watch TV or listen to the radio knew we were coming. Everybody but Saddam Hussein.

It's lucky for us that we keep getting into wars with backward countries whose leaders have no point of contact with reality. Otherwise we might get bogged down and lose momentum in our glorious quest to bring democracy to the world.