Friday, January 18, 2008

The Post-Democratic Process: Rupert Murdoch "Knew" NH Exit Polls Were "Wrong" About Hillary!

Gandhi, my Australian friend, wants to know how much Rupert Murdoch knew in advance about Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire surprise:
The editor of Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper, Rebekah Wade, yesterday told a House of Lords communications committee that Rupert Murdoch called her at 1.30am on the day of the New Hampshire primaries to warn her that the exit polls were wrong.

There has been heated speculation in the blogosphere that Hiliary Clinton's win in New Hampshire was rigged. And everybody is well aware that Murdoch favors Clinton in 2008.

So was Murdoch just (a) hanging on the wires, keeping a close eye on results, and checking that his UK morning editions didn't stuff up? Or was (b) he in on the vote rigging and controlling the story he wanted to see in print?

If you answered (c) we'll probably never know, you are probably right.
I was offline at the time and couldn't have rigged it for her even had I wanted to. I didn't participate in the exit poll, either, and I don't know what happened there.

If you know something, please share.