Thursday, March 20, 2008


Our so-called "democratically elected leaders", with the full cooperation of our so-called "news media", have been spinning us down the garden path in the very same ways, using virtually the same script, for more than 40 years. This video shows you exactly how it's been done, and how it continues to be done.

Watch the trailer here.

If only we weren't so stupid, we could have put an end to this long agonizing march a long time ago. But instead we keep trudging along, following one lie after another, and from all indications it looks like we will continue to do so until the gates of Hell are well behind us -- if they aren't already.

Watch the entire 70-minute video here.

Learn more about War Made Easy here. Buy the DVD. Show it to your friends and family. And if they don't like it, show it to them again.

We're never going to get beyond this horror until and unless we acknowledge it.