Friday, March 7, 2008

No Kidding: Candidates For PEACE!!

One of the most vexing questions on the American political landscape, now and as far back as I can remember, is: "Can we ever hope to change the system from within?"

Some people believe it is possible to do so while others do not; I encourage open discussion and I'm not about to discourage any legitimate point of view.

Personally, I would love to see it happen although I do not know whether it's possible. On the other hand, just like anything else, it's definitely not possible unless somebody tries to do it -- not that it hasn't been tried, if you get my drift.

For this reason I have supported some apparently hopeless causes, such as the presidential aspirations of Mike Gravel. I never believed he could be president, or even the donkey candidate for president, but I appreciated his voice and much of what he was saying.

At this point it doesn't look like Gravel's going to be the donkey nominee, and the way in which he has been closed out of the national discussion has been most instructive; but that hasn't stopped some other people -- such as Maine's Laurie Dobson -- from trying to bring the same issues to the national scene in the old-fashioned way: by standing up to be seen, speaking up to be heard, asking fellow citizens for their votes, and hoping that those votes would be correctly counted.

It's quite a stretch for some, but not so for others; and it's definitely worth doing, in my opinion, even if only to enhance the debate.

Who's game?

How would you like a nine-month job for $160,000 a year?

No experience required, and no prerequisites! Do you think you can handle it?

If you're semi-literate or better; if you're able to speak whole sentences (or at least convincing fragments) when cameras and microphones are around; if you look half-decent in a suit (or a dress*); if you're willing to say "NO" every time the warmongers want more money: you're one of the people I'm talking to.

We want you in Congress! (* dresses for women and Rudy Giuliani impersonators only, please!)

If you're brave enough to stand up and be seen, speak up and be heard, run for office and be counted, then Peace Candidates dot Com will support you.

And if you're willing to support your fellow citizens who are brave enough to stand up, speak up, and run for office in the cause of peace, then you should visit, join and/or support Peace Candidates dot Com.

I have started a blog there which I hope will help the effort eventually; I wish the Peace Candidates all the best and I hope to be able to spend more time there in the future.

I've been otherwise detained; I'll get back there soon. But you can go there now!