Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No Questions Allowed: We Are Now Ruled By Taser

(UPDATED below)

Cynthia McKinney on the police assault-with-taser of University of Florida student Andrew Meyer:
Not only residents of the United States are being subjected to illegitimate authority due to two stolen elections in 2000 and again in 2004. The entire global community is suffering because of it. When John Kerry, 2004 Democratic Nominee for President had the opportunity to tell us and the world why he didn't fight for his own victory that the voters of this country gave him, John Kerry proceeded to talk while the student who asked the question was violently tasered by the police.

That University of Florida student asked one of the central questions that the American people deserve to have answered.

Kerry didn't even fight for the victory that the U.S. voters had given him. He remained mute as the Libertarian and Green Parties demanded to know what happened in Ohio. And took their meager resources to investigate election theft by Republicans in Ohio. And all of the revelations that have come out since then can be placed at the feet of these two Parties, and not the Democratic Party that would have benefited. It was the Libertarian and Green Parties, not the Democrats, that demanded that the will of the voters be respected.

A student gets the taser for asking a simple question.

But what's more frightening is the reaction of those in the audience who sat through the screams of the student being tasered, listening to Kerry who obviously became a man bereft of his senses.

The student was harassed even as he attempted to ask his question, referencing Greg Palast's work, "Armed Madhouse." Pointing out the huge disfranchisement of black voters that marked both of Bush's "wins," he asked Kerry, "How could you concede the election on the day?"

He asks why Kerry is not in favor of impeachment, then the students applaud when the police attack him at the microphone. From the video, it appears that he is literally picked up by the police and carried to the back of the room where he is put on the floor, handcuffed, tasered, carried out, and in the background one can hear Kerry talking--not trying to get the police officers to stop attacking the student--but blathering on, reminiscent of George Bush when the towers were hit.

No police officer should be in the business of denying Constitutional rights to anyone; I am particularly chagrined when it appears that a black police officer participated in this attack on an innocent student.

What is happening to us???? How much more will the people accept?? I was outraged as early as 2000 when Florida was stolen and the Democrats said nothing!!!! Now, innocent students get tasered just for asking questions.

What kind of US Senator do we have who can't or won't answer a question about his own election that affects all of us???

We must channel our efforts into the kind of movement that has been successful in the past in our country. A movement that unites us all, regardless of the labels usually used to divide us. We the people must run for office and vote the current, non-representative crew out of office. We must become the government that is supposed to represent us. It is time for all of us to become involved now. There is room for everyone in this movement. I shudder to think what our country will become if we fail to act.
UPDATE: There's been worse police brutality lately and I haven't even been aware of it. What's wrong with me? Don't I read enough? Maybe I should watch more TV? Or are the media hiding something?

Naahhh ... couldn't be! Could it? In any case, Bluebear2 has posted a good perspective on this story, and that's at the Lair.