Wednesday, December 20, 2006

An Absurd Assinuation

I've reported three times (1, 2, 3) on this incident without ever being able to link to evidence of it. Please watch this short video clip from relatively early in his reign, and see what happens when the imperial chimperor faces a semi-tough question.

Poor Chimpy ... couldn't think of an answer all by himself, and then when it did finally come to him ... he didn't hear it properly! Oh well! Tough luck, Chimpy, you dolt!

What an absolute disaster. His only function is to provide PR cover, and he can't even do that. It's no wonder his handlers didn't want him to testify under oath, even for the 9/11 whitewash.

But that's not my main point. My point is: When caught red-handed, these guys just call the accusations "absurd" and carry on, as if simply saying something made it true.
"I did not kill my wife; she killed me!"

Then how did you wind up in the living room with her dead body?

"Her dead body in the living room? Come on! I would have noticed it, wouldn't I?"

And how did you get blood on your hands?

"Blood on my hands? That was ketchup!"

And why did the DNA in that blood match your wife?

"DNA? No, that can't be right. There's no DNA in ketchup."

Well then how did you get ketchup on your hands?

"What ketchup? I never had any ketchup."

But you just said you you had ketchup on your hands.

"Ketchup on my hands? That's an absurd assinuation!"

(So then you must be innocent of all wrongdoing?)

(Exactly... now run along before I declare you an enemy combatant!)