Friday, December 8, 2006

Putting Impeachment On The Table

As regular readers of this page will no doubt remember, Democratic "leaders" (who will control a majority of the House and at least half of the Senate beginning next month) have made it clear that they are not interested in initiating impeachment proceedings against the so-called president, despite the incredible number of clearly impeachable offenses he has committed in his six years in office.

How can this attitude be changed? I have argued that if the leaders of the so-called opposition party don't want to move on this issue, it's up to us -- who pay their salaries -- to get them moving. But I haven't been able to offer anything more concrete. Until now.

Fortunately, David Swanson has been doing more than I have; he's been organizing pro-impeachment activities.

To see what he has organized, read his article at Atlantic Free Press, Rallies for Impeachment Coast to Coast This Sunday. In particular, check this map to see what is scheduled for your part of the country.

And please take part in a rally if you are able. Or find another way to add your voice to the pro-impeachment chorus. It really is up to us. And the stakes are enormous.

As Swanson notes in his most recent article at AFP,
If we go into 2009 without having held Bush and Cheney accountable, the next president will be a dictator with absolute power outside the bounds of any laws. And he or she will know that a criminal and unpopular vice president is the best protection against enforcement of the law. That's a disaster in the making, regardless of what party the president comes from.