Sunday, December 17, 2006

Larisa on the Carne Ross Story: "National security is safe once more thanks to Tony Blair."

Larisa Alexandrovna rocks big-time, "just yelling" about the Carne Ross story at her new blog, At-Largely:
Not that it is a surprise to anyone that Tony [...] lied in order to "fix the facts around the policy" for an illegal war against Iraq, but boy oh boy, this latest news is so damning that I think Tony will be spending a bit of time in prison (preferably in Iraq):
"A devastating attack on Mr Blair's justification for military action by Carne Ross, Britain's key negotiator at the UN, has been kept under wraps until now because he was threatened with being charged with breaching the Official Secrets Act."
Right, so basically Blair abused his power by threatening an official with a treasonable offense if that official went public with the truth. National security is safe once more thanks to Tony.
All this and much much more about how they lied to six up the dossier [sic] and I'm sorry but I can't type the phrase most commonly used here -- which you'll see below anyway, twice in a single short quote -- because I don't think starting a war -- in which hundreds of thousands of people get killed and hundreds of millions of others get to pay more than ever for their oil and gas -- based on lies that were deliberately thought up and played up -- and bought and sold and thrown into the media echo chamber to reverberate into eternity, lie after lie after lie, forever and ever, war without end, amen -- no, sorry, I don't think anything about that is sexy. And while I'm having trouble typing it occurs to me that I also have trouble typing "collateral damage", except in the phrase:
"in the War On Truth the English language has suffered considerable (and often unnoticed) "collateral damage".
but I digresss.

As Larisa sees it, "Tony Blair is in DEEEEEEP Kaka!!!", and she explains why, in her inimitable style, overflowing with passion as always, and including a juicy nugget for all us coincidence theorists:
Sounds to me like we need to [...] get our own Congress to finally say what it already knows: this country was lied to using cooked/sham intelligence in order to mislead a grieving nation into a war that has cost us dearly in lives and resources.
"Mr Ross said in late 2002 that he "discussed this at some length with David Kelly", the weapons expert who a year later committed suicide when he was named as the source of a BBC report saying Downing Street had "sexed up" the WMD claims in a dossier. The Butler inquiry cleared Mr Blair and Downing Street of "sexing up" the dossier, but the publication of the Carne Ross evidence will cast fresh doubts on its findings."
Fresh doubt on its findings indeed. What a crock!!

This expose of the David Kelly suicide psyop by Rowena Thursby is devastating to all the official stories about all of this nonsense. Read it. But not right now.

Instead now please turn to Larisa again:
What is of most interest to me [...] is the Kelly meeting. What a strange coincidence that Kelly's last email was to Judy Miller (largely known for her role in writing lie after lie in order to help this administration launch a phony war) describing "many dark actors playing games." I wonder who these actors were and what games they were playing at the time, did you? Do you still? Yep, same here. I have often wondered if Judy is not one of these dark actors. In any case, look for our beloved free corporate press to report on anything BUT this. And if they touch it, it will be only to tap at Blair, staying far away from the Bush administration.
And the crowd goes wild. "Hooray!! Woo Hoo!!!! Yeah!! Rock on, Larisa!!"

What a strange coincidence indeed, no? The Judith Miller | David Kelly connection yields David Kelly's final email. Hmmm.

In my long slow analysis of the so-called coalition of the supposedly willing, one of the things I've been thinking but haven't yet said goes like this:
It's very handy for them to have each other to blame, especially when they need to slough off stuff they intend to keep doing together anyway.
So IMO Larisa is bang-on about the US "press" blaming it all on Blair, if they deign to mention it at all. But it will be interesting to watch them dodge this.

Another thing I've been thinking concerning the death of David Kelly but haven't said yet is an old chess adage which goes like this:
To simplify the position with advantage, remove one of your opponent's men.
Larisa will understand the wisdom embodied there! Do you? (Ask questions if you don't understand any of this...)

It's a brilliant piece, IMVHO, and not overly long, so I think you should scurry right over to At-Largely and read the whole thing!

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