Friday, November 9, 2007

All Done Slithering; Thank You For Your Support

The voting is over and the winners have been declared at the 2007 Weblog Awards, where this cold blog has been honored to be a finalist in the category "Best Of The Top 6751-8750 Blogs", also known as "Slithering Reptiles".

Voting began last Friday, and ever since, we've been slithering our skin off, trying to catch the leader, Gus Van Horn. But he slipped away over the reptile horizon, making off with more than 35% of the votes, and the prize. This cold blog finished second (with 18%), and Slow Cooker Recipes was third with (15%).

Scholars & Rogues finished fourth with 10% of the votes, despite being arguably the best blog of the bunch. I intend to keep reading them, as well as checking in on all the others from time to time. You can find links to all the slithering reptiles on my sidebar.

But, once again, congratulations to Gus Van Horn, and indeed to all the winners.

Many thanks to all who have lent their support. It's been much appreciated.

And now, if you'll excuse me... I need to molt. ;-)