Saturday, November 24, 2007

Howard Out! Gandhi Gone!

The war criminal Australian government led by the war criminal John Howard has been soundly thrashed in parliamentary elections.

Now, George Bush's Australian ally and his band of blood-drenched swine should proceed directly to The Hague for a free and fair trial before their mass execution for crimes against humanity.

But of course that will never happen.

In related news, one of my favorite bloggers has shut down all his blogs, or so he says (for what appears to be the final time).

The Australian writer known as Gandhi began with a blog called "Bush Out", and later shifted his focus to Australian politics and "Howard Out" (and he's been "Riding The Juggernaut" along the way, too).

He's called it quits before, and he has quit -- for a day or two, or even a week -- but this time seems different.

Howard really is out now -- finally! And "Howard Out" is all done too, as of Thursday -- apparently. I'll keep the links to Gandhi's blogs on the sidebar, but I may move them from "news" to "resources" if he really does keep himself away from the blogs.

Somehow I get the feeling that this retirement is more permanent, since rather than just trying to quit blogging, Gandhi's begun work on a book.

It's tentatively called "Gandhi's War", and he says it's
based on my blogging experiences here and at BushOut. It explores the human cost of blogging news that is relentlessly depressing. I know I am not the only one who has suffered these "bloggers blues", and I think it's a story that should be told.

If anyone wants to contribute their own stories, or knows a good publisher, please email me: gazo a@t dodo dot com dot AU.
He gives us a sneak preview, which is definitely worth a read, but we may have to wait quite a while for the rest.

But in the meantime:

Good riddance to Howard!

Best wishes to Gandhi!