Friday, November 2, 2007

On Your Marks, Get Set, Slither!

Here are the Weblog Award finalists in the category "Best of the Top 6751 - 8750 Blogs" (which, according to the TTLB ecosystem rankings, maps out as "Slithering Reptiles").

Gus Van Horn
Abnormal Interests
Cabarrus Cheap Seats
Winter Patriot
Reno and Its Discontents
HE&OS--Home Education & Other Stuff
Wigderson Library & Pub
Scholars & Rogues
Jack and Jill Politics
Slow Cooker Recipes

Please click those links, have a look around each site, see what you like and then support the blog of your choice (if any). You may vote vote once a day in each category until the voting closes next week.


In the slithering race, Gus Van Horn has taken the early lead, with more votes than the other nine combined.

Your chilly scribe occupies the middle of the pack, within striking distance of second place, but trailing several other slithering reptiles, including Slow Cooker Recipes, where the slogan is "Slow Cooking and Food for Slow Cookers and Crockpots", and the most recent post is called "Slow Cooker Recipes - quick and easy dinner recipes - Cocktail Wennies"

No kidding. Cocktail wennies for dinner. How much quicker and easier can you get?

All you need is:
2 pks Oscar Myer Link Sauages (lttle wennies)
1 sm jar yellow mustard
1 sm jar red current jelly
And here's what you do:
Dump Weenies [sic] in a crock pot
Dump Yellow mustard and Red Current Jelly on top

Heat on high till bubbly than turn down on low
To serve place slotted serving spoon beside crock pot remove lid
Also place small glass with party toothpicks so that people won't get sauce
on their hands eating the wennies
By the way, that last bit is a great idea. You really don't want people getting sauce on their hands eating the wennies because that sauce is hot (and sticky!) and it will deprive them of the pleasure they would otherwise enjoy while eating those lttle wennies! So please don't forget the toothpicks!! And use party toothpicks if at all possible -- the regular toothpicks are so gauche!


Alas, this post is not all about slithering reptiles, little wennies and sticky fingers. There are also "adorable rodents" to be considered. A Tiny Revolution is in the adorable rodent finals, and Jon Schwarz, who writes a really great blog, certainly deserves your support.

One of my other favorites is in the finals as well. Mike Golby's YBLOG ZA is a finalist in "Best Middle East or African Blog", so if you don't already have a favorite in that category, please vote for Mike Golby and his amazing blog.

In the big categories, I do hope you'll vote for Raw Story under "Best Blog". I know it's not a blog but they apparently don't, and Michelle Malkin is leading that category at the moment, so who cares whether Raw's a blog or not? It's the best site on the list by far in my opinion and it deserves a lot more support than it's getting -- hint, hint!

Two of the writers from Raw Story are in the blog finals as well. Lindsay Beyerstein, of the blog Majikthise, is up for Best Individual Blogger. And Larisa Alexandrovna's blog At-Largely is on the short list of Best Political Coverage. You could vote for them every day and get no complaint from me.


It's been fun but I gotta run. The wennies are hot and I'm hungry. I'll be back with more of the usual fare in a little while, if I can find some toothpicks!

OK! There they are! I'll be back soon. And please don't forget to vote.