Friday, March 11, 2005

Axworthy Responds To Blogging

You may recall that Condoleeza Rice heard from Lloyd Axworthy a while ago. I was so impressed with the [very] open letter he wrote last week that I reposted it here: Axworthy Strikes Back

Now there's a new open letter from Lloyd Axworthy at the Winnipeg Free Press. And he's talking to us this time. He's even saying nice things. The headline reads "Blog Diplomacy: Why not bypass the Bushies and talk directly to Americans via the Net?".

It's a good question.

There's a lot to admire here but I especially love his closing paragraph:
So, to all those who have "blogged" me, using this medium to extend the distribution of my 'open letter' beyond our geographic borders, thanks for the encouraging glimpse of a global community united through the common currency of communication and commitment.
Thanks to you too, Lloyd. Rock on!

Please read the entire letter here.

Thanks to Teresa at the Brad Blog for this link!