Friday, March 18, 2005

Big Trouble In Nepal

On the BBC News website there's an article called Nepal 'near humanitarian abyss' and it says [in part]
Conflict between security forces and Maoist guerrillas has left civilians and refugees exposed and often cut off from aid supplies and medical help.
According to the organisations, Nepalese are often denied access to humanitarian and medical supplies because of security roadblocks set up by Maoists.

Children are among the worst affected, it says, with many suffering from a lack of vitamins and essential dugs.

Credible reports have emerged in recent weeks that some women died in childbirth because they were unable to reach medical help, the statement adds.

There is also concern for the fate of 100,000 Bhutanese refugees in eastern Nepal, who are dependent on relief but find the flow of aid regularly blocked.
As some may remember, all the recent trouble sprung up after
Nepal's King Gyanendra seized absolute power and curbed freedoms in February, prompting rebels to intensify attacks.
Hundreds of political activists, journalists, students, human rights defenders and lawyers have been arrested since the king took power in February.

Commenting after returning from a visit to Nepal, ICJ Secretary General Nicholas Howen said: "It was clear during our visit that human rights defenders face a suffocating atmosphere of intimidation and control, where criticism is not tolerated.
And so on. And on and on. Just in case you needed some more really bad news.

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