Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'll Give You A Nickel

I'll give you a nickel if you see a story like this on a mainstream American news site. You probably won't see a headline like "Vietnam fury at Agent Orange case" either so you may as well read it here.

In previous related posts Justice Delayed ... May Also Be Denied and Justice Denied ... Finally! we've had foreshadowings of something like this on the horizon, have we not?

But otherwise: Wow! What a surprise!!
Vietnamese plaintiffs have condemned a US court's decision to dismiss their legal action against manufacturers of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

"It is a wrong decision, unfair and irresponsible," said Nguyen Trong Nhan, vice president of Vietnam's Association of Agent Orange (VAVA).

He said his group was thinking of filing an appeal.

The judge in the case said allegations the chemical caused birth defects and illness had not been proved.

"There is no basis for any of the claims of plaintiffs under the domestic law of any nation or state or under any form of international law. The case is dismissed," said US District Judge Jack B Weinstein.

But Mr Nguyen disagreed.

"Weinstein has turned a blind eye before the obvious truth. It's a shame for him to put out that decision. We just want justice, nothing more.

"This is just another war that could be long and difficult, as was the Vietnam War. We are determined to pursue it until the very end, until the day we will be able to ask for justice," he said.
That's a nice try. But I think they're wasting their money. They'll never get a dime. They might get an appeal but they'll never get a nickel.

Next time the manufacturers can use the Condi defense. All they'll need is a parrot lawyer who can repeat this talking point: "Nobody could have predicted that these people would develop these symptoms from exposure to these chemicals."