Thursday, May 19, 2005

Buy Your Holy Books New And Avoid Desecration

Woman Receives Desecrated Quran Through -- Muslim Public Affairs Council Wants Apology, Investigation
A Muslim woman who ordered a Quran through only to find profanity and religious slurs written on its cover page said Wednesday she wants an apology and a full investigation by the online retailer.

Azza Basarudin, 30, said she received the Quran by mail on May 5 after ordering it through a used books division of that allows customers to order directly from third-party sellers approved by the company.

When she opened the Quaran, Basarudin said she found profanity and the phrase "Death to all Muslims" written on the inside page in thick black marker. Basarudin, a graduate student in women's studies at UCLA, said she was overwhelmed by fear similar to what she felt after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks when her sister and mother were the target of anti-Muslim slurs.
Please excuse the following flight of fancy: it's been a long day...

Headlines You Won't Be Seeing Anytime Soon:

White House Demands Retraction, Apology, from LA TV station

Bush Said To Be Angry Over Report -- though secretly pleased about the incident

Rice: US will not tolerate desecration of the Quran -- until every last Muslim is dead!

Rumsfeld: It wasn't us -- our guys would have flushed it!

New Gonzales memo: Geneva Accords don't cover books.