Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oh No!

According to this article from CNN, during his interview with Larry King, Dick Cheney confirmed something I have suspected for a long time.

The criminals in the White House intend to stay forever.

He didn't say it in exactly those words, but what how else can I interpret this passage?
On the issue of Iraq, Cheney ... predicted the fighting would end before the Bush administration leaves office.
They have already told us that this war will not end in our lifetimes. And that means this administration intends to last at least that long.

Oh, by the way, in other big breaking news: Dick Cheney doesn't take Amnesty International seriously. Who could even pretend to be surprised? Not William Schulz, executive director of Amnesty International USA, who said:
It doesn't matter whether he takes Amnesty International seriously.

He doesn't take torture seriously; he doesn't take the Geneva Convention seriously; he doesn't take due process rights seriously; and he doesn't take international law seriously.

And that is more important than whether he takes Amnesty International seriously.
And yet if he doesn't take Amnesty International seriously, how could Amnesty International possiby offend him? CNN says Cheney told Larry King that he was
offended by Amnesty International's condemnation of the United States for what it called "serious human rights violations" at Guantanamo Bay
I ask myself: Could Dick Cheney possibly be lying?