Friday, May 6, 2005

Time Loves A Hero

The two "9/11" threads (here) and (here) which I recently guest-blogged at the Brad Blog drew several interesting comments, one of which will soon become the subject of this post.

In a comment to my recent Winter Patriot post, "Pick Up All The Pieces And Make An Island", an anonymous poster wrote:
Winter Patriot: You commented on BradsBlog that you apprecated the list of links that I posted, however, you never posted them here or linked to them. Why is that?
Many reasons. Terminal Fatigue and Brain Cramp may be among them, but the primary reason is I Never Thought Of It! And the secondary reason is I Don't Trust It!.

At the Brad Blog, the list came in color, and some of the text/background combinations were difficult to read, and we got the same list three times from two different IP addresses on posts claiming to be from three different people (here, here and here), and some of the e-mail addresses which they claimed to represent were clearly false (including if I recall). Each of those things was somewhere between "a bit strange" and "very strange", and all of them happening together was "way too strange"... so all in all it just seemed too unnatural and that is probably the biggest reason why I Never Thought Of It! and why I Don't Trust It!

And yet I am reposting it in its entirety for a number of reasons which I won't list here. OK yes I will. [It goes against my character to refuse to divulge information. They'll be able to torture me with a damp muffin and get everything I know. Fortunately that's not much. But we're going to try to stay away from damp muffins anyway.]

First, if it was spammed disinformation then my refusing to post it would be a disservice to those [such as myself] who want to know what kind of disinformation is being spammed at us ... and if it's legit then refusing to post it would be a betrayal of all humanity let alone the US of A and its apparently dim-witted people.

Second, the fact that it came from two different IP addresses, and the fact that one poster sent the same post twice, could indicate that this list is particularly good. The fact that the version we received at the Brad Blog was in color could simply mean that it was downloaded from a good website. I don't have any conclusive proof that this was spam or disinfo.

And third, when I see a comment that looks like professional disinformation, such as this one, my alarms start ringing. Big-time. This time the alarms aren't ringing. I don't know why. It could be that my alarms are broken. I really don't know.

They were ringing quietly on the weekend but they aren't ringing anymore. The comment on the "Pick Up All The Pieces" thread turned them off somehow. Maybe because he came back.

The guy who sent me this one didn't come back.

I don't know. How can I ever know? You just have to play it by ear sometimes. So...

If you didn't like those three links to the list as it appeared on Brad's blog, you can see the list on my blog by clicking here.

But in the meantime here's one by the late great Lowell George.

Time Loves A Hero

Well they say that time loves a hero
But only time will tell
If he's real, he's a legend from heaven
If he ain't he was sent here from hell

Hear me well
Seein' ain't always believin'
Just make sure it's the truth that you're seein'
Eyes sometimes lie
Eyes sometimes lie, they can be real deceivin'

I got an uncle in Puerto Rico
Spends his days in the sun
And his nights in the casino
He left the States many years ago
Took a fishin' boat to Puerto Rico
Now my aunt, she is sad and lonely
She'll never know that she drove him away
As a coward I admire his courageous ways

Well they say that time loves a hero
But only time will tell
If he's real, he's a legend from heaven
If he ain't he's a mouthpiece from hell

Some say my uncle, that he's a zero
His life as a shell, he left it back stateside
I'd say he's doin' well, without his shell
Bummin round the beaches of Puerto Rico
The beauty of the sunrise and sunset
To his friends he wish he could tell
They're at home still runnin' for bells
Better San Juan than that blue-collar hell

Well they say that time loves a hero
But only time will tell
If he's real, he's a legend from heaven
If he ain't he was sent here from hell