Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Isn't That A Bit Harsh?

Abu Ghraib abuser gets jail sentence
A US military policewoman behind some of the most ghastly photographs from Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison has been sentenced...
Sabrina Harman, who was convicted of:
four charges of maltreatment of detainees, one charge of conspiracy to maltreat detainees and dereliction of duty
has been sentenced to six months in jail!
Harman is credited with setting up one of the most infamous pictures from Abu Ghraib - that of a hooded inmate in rags standing on a box with electrical wires attached to his hands.

International publication of those photographs led to widespread condemnation of US practices in Iraq at a time when US forces were trying to bring the country under control after the 2003 invasion.

She also posed grinning behind a pyramid of naked Iraqi prisoners, giving a thumbs-up in front of a corpse wrapped in plastic, and wrote the misspelled word "rapeist" on the leg on one of the inmates.
Six months for all this? Isn't that a bit harsh?

Am I kidding? Of course I'm kidding! Sabrina Harman was following orders, wasn't she?

When is the trial of those who gave the orders?