Friday, May 20, 2005

Massive News Dump

At the Memory Blog, the amazing Russ Kick has recently posted a huge News Dump, of which the following story lines form only a small sample:
Bush asked to explain UK war memo that proves he lied US into war

Appeals court lets Cheney keep his corporate energy task force secret

US won't declassify 9/11 documents for German trial
"The new stance reverses repeated assurances from Washington in recent months that the evidence would be forthcoming…. The US decision represents a serious setback for German prosecutors, who are having difficulty finding incriminating evidence against Motassadeq, now being tried a second time after his first conviction for terrorism was overturned on appeal."
Declassified documents: MI6 protected Nazi who killed 100 British agents

Head of Abu Ghraib Prison Speaks Out

US 'backed illegal Iraqi oil deals'

Luis Posada Carriles: The Declassified Record

No Court-Martial for Marine Taped Killing Unarmed Iraqi

NGO report: Egypt conducting torture for the US

Rep. Waxman introduces Restore Open Government Act

Disclosure of Grand Jury Info to Intel Agencies

Is Justice Department trying to put FOIA beyond appeal?
All this and more, here.

I hope you'll bookmark and visit the remarkable Russ Kick's amazing websites, the Memory Blog and the Memory Hole.