Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Protesters In La Paz Say They're Staying

Your lowly and nearly frozen blogger has been watching the news from Bolivia fairly closely and thinks you might want to read this article: Bolivians stage huge gas protest
Thousands of protesters have converged on the Bolivian capital La Paz for an angry demonstration over ownership of the country's gas reserves.
President Carlos Mesa accused protest leaders of organising a coup.
The protests remained peaceful on Monday but there are concerns they may be stepped up on Tuesday, when Congress meets for the first time in weeks to discuss the political agenda.
The mainly indigenous protesters are demanding the nationalisation of the Bolivian energy industry, saying a law passed by congress, that increases taxes on foreign gas investors, does not exert enough control over the country's resources.

They are also demanding regional autonomy and changes to the constitution.
The president ... is backed by the armed forces, which last week sacked two officers after they claimed to represent a new nationalist movement in the military.

But the protesters said they would stay in La Paz until they had achieved their aims.
What next? Who knows? Interesting times are ahead for Bolivia.