Sunday, June 5, 2005

Boots On The Ground

Thanks to our friend Bushw@cker at the Brad Blog for the pointer to this good news:
TAMPA - Just a stone's throw away from a life-size gorilla dressed in military fatigues was another oddity along Kennedy Boulevard Thursday - people protesting about a memo.

"Did you get the memo?" read the fliers.

"Air the truth!" said a poster held by retired Air Force Lt. Col. Joseph F. Bohren, outside the WTVT-Ch. 13 studios with about 10 others.

They were there because of what has become known as the "Downing Street Memo," minutes from a meeting between Prime Minister Tony Blair and his top advisers on July 23, 2002, at No. 10 Downing St., published May 1 by the Sunday Times of London. The minutes indicate that the United States and Britain had agreed to invade Iraq by the summer of 2002 - months before President George W. Bush asked Congress for permission to engage in military action.
See that? Just a handful of people with some posters and fliers ... maybe two dozen 'boots on the ground' all told ... but they've attracted some media coverage!

Kevin Graham's article on the St. Petersburg Times website quotes from the Downing Street Minutes, mentions, talks about John Conyers and his letter to the president, and even throws in a quote from the esteemed Congressman.

There are also a few quotes from presidential mouthpiece scott mcclellan, cleverly packaged with subtle indications that Kevin Graham doesn't take mcclellan seriously. Cool!

You can read the rest of the story here at St. Petersburg Times Online.

Three cheers for Kevin Graham.

Three cheers for retired Air Force Lt. Col. Joseph F. Bohren and his friends.

Boots on the ground, friends. Accept no substitute.