Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Reading Chris Floyd

Chris Floyd is one of my favorite writers -- I read him whenever I can find him, and I think you should be reading him too. During the past few months I've spent quite some time trying to prepare a list of links to his best work, but I keep running into problems.

For starters, his excellent weekly columns ("Global Eye") published by The Moscow Times are available by subscription only at the Times website. Uggh!

Fortunately, his most recent columns have been reposted at The Smirking Chimp. But they're tough to find unless you have a link like this one, and even then they're difficult to organize.

In light of all this, I am very pleased to report that Chris Floyd has recently started blogging, and that I have found his blog, "Empire Burlesque". He's been posting regularly, and his posts [as expected] are all well-written, eye-opening and thought-provoking. It certainly wouldn't hurt you to bookmark "Empire Burlesque", nor to visit it often.

But that's not the best news of the day. Chris Floyd has been re-posting old columns on his blog, and he's also been posting short items (which he calls the "Past Imperfect" series), each of which contains a handful of links to thematically related re-posted columns. What could be better?

OK, I'll admit, it would be better if I could stop reading Chris Floyd and get some sleep. But at least I'm not looking for his columns anymore.

And neither are you!

Past Imperfect I
No Ways Tired: A Post-Election Manifesto (2004)

Into the Dark: The Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism (2002)

Darkness Visible: The Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism is Now Operative (2005)
Past Imperfect II
Pin Heads: New Bush Law Would Establish Principle of Theocracy

Fresh Horses: Bush Brings Butchery to the Homeland

Sword Play: The Secret History of America's Terrorists (GLADIO)

The Fire Sermon: Strange Doings at the Inauguration
Past Imperfect III
This is where we came in:
"That Which Happened" (September 11)

Here's fresh hell waiting down the road:
Cry Havoc: Bush's Own Personal Janjaweed

A recipe for quagmire and defeat:
Manufacturing Intent: The Army's Cult of Killing Leaves a Generation Gap

A grim election prophecy from 2003:
Vanishing Act: "Disappearing" the Republic at the Push of a Button
Past Imperfect IV
Welcome to Bushworld:
Masked and Anonymous: The Age of Abu Ghraib
Ring of Fire: The Fallujah Inferno

The Republic's been dead for a long time now:
Death Wish: The Presidential Prerogative of Murder (2001)
Render Unto Caesar: The End of Law (2002)

A brief history of that great Bushist "moderate":
Colin Powell, Bagman

A statement of principles:
Moment by Moment
Past Imperfect V
A chronicle of whitewash foretold:
Silent Partners: Bush, bin Laden and the 9/11 Commission

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue:
Heart of Darkness: The Bush Cult and American Madness

High fever in the Homeland:
Suicide Bombers: Nihilism Enthroned

Head cases:
Voices Carry: Platonic Myth and Modern Fundamentalism
Past Imperfect VI
The curtain goes up on the grim comedy:
Invisible Republic: America's Owners Cash in Their Chips (December 2000)

How our statesmen went to war:
Ground Zero: The Anatomy of an Honest Mistake (January 2004)

It didn't start with Abu Ghraib:
The Pentagon Archipelago: Trapped in a Net of State Terror (March 2004)

Goodness hides behind its gates:
Unnatural Acts: No Place for Mercy in Bush's Babylon (April 2004)
That should keep us all busy for a while.

Thanks, Chris! You ROCK!