Saturday, November 11, 2006

No More Bridges! Bring On The Gridlock!!

New York Times:
“I see myself, hopefully, as a bridge builder, a consensus person,” said Harry Mitchell, 66, a longtime state senator and former mayor of Tempe, Ariz., who defeated Representative J. D. Hayworth, an emblematic member of the class of 1994. “I can’t be a rabid partisan Democrat and represent this district.”
Oh, yes, Harry! you certainly can! The majority rules, remember?

You have truth and justice and a majority of the voters on your side. What else could you possibly ask for?

And what are you going to do now? Build bridges to tyranny?
Nancy Boyda, who defeated Representative Jim Ryun, the legendary track star, in a district in Kansas that President Bush carried by 20 percentage points in 2004, summarized her mandate this way: “Stop the gridlock, stop the nastiness, get something done. People are tired of excuses.”
Sorry, Nancy. Look at Zogby's exit polls.

We are not tired of excuses. We are tired of corruption. We are tired of wars based on lies. We are tired of abuse of power.

We could use a little gridlock.

We could use a lot of gridlock!
Claire C. McCaskill, who defeated Senator Jim Talent of Missouri in a fiercely competitive race, said: “I’m not from a blue echo chamber. I’m from a state that’s really like America — it’s divided ... The problem with Washington is you have so many senators who are from bright blue and bright red states; they’re not interested in common ground. They’re interested in making each other look bad.”
But what if they really are bad? What then?

Should we spend the next two years trying to find common ground with the criminals who have done their damndest to ruin our country? Should we build bridges to the monsters who attacked their own people on 9/11, and who have spent the past five years trying to cover it up while accusing everyone who can see the truth -- and who dares to speak it -- of treason? Should we make nice with the enablers of torture? Should we give a free pass to those who value their slimy rotten ideology more than the Constitution?

Should we throw away everything we have left, in the certain-to-be-vain hope of a few more votes?

Or should our newly elected leaders actually be leaders? Rather than fearing a backlash from the most ignorant of your constituents, why not make an effort to educate them? The corrupt mainstream media won't do it, so why don't you do a bit of it yourself? Why leave it all to us humble bloggers?
Democratic strategists say [...] the new Democratic majority was elected, in large part, from Republican-leaning districts and states. If those new members vote in a purely partisan way, they — and the majority — will quickly be put at risk.
The Republicans in Washington have abandoned everything that traditional Republicans valued, as has been extremely well documented over the past six years. If the new Democratic members insist on building bridges to radicals who call themselves Republicans, they risk not only their newfound majority, but our future, and our children's future.

Please do your best to make your newly elected representatives aware of this simple fact, before it's too late.

Tell your representatives what you expect: No more crimes against America! No more crimes against Humanity! No more bogus elections! No more wars of choice based on deliberate lies! No more false-flag terror! No more depleted uranium! No more tax breaks for the filthy rich! No more cuts to health care, education and housing!

And that's just for starters.

We need to tell our representatives what's important to us, because clearly they don't know. And if we don't tell them, it will be nobody's fault but our own.