Friday, June 29, 2007

Can You Imagine The Horror? -- Or Are You Out Of Touch?

Can you imagine ... how horrible you would feel ... if you found out ... your mother ... was ... your father?


How embarrassing it would be! How unsettling! Can you imagine?

But it's not possible!

If you don't think it would be horrible for you, think how horrible it would be for your kids!!

But that doesn't make any sense! There's no way my --

What's the matter, don't you love your kids? That's it, isn't it? How can I even talk to a man who doesn't love his kids?

But it couldn't happen! It would violate all the laws of biology!!

You don't love your kids at all, do you? You don't even care -- how horrible it would be for your kids, if they found out their grandmother was their grandfather!

But it could never happen! Why should I worry about something that could never happen?

Oh, come on! What have you been smoking?

Have you been under a rock for the past six years?

That's September 10th thinking, buddy. You're as out of touch as the mayor!