Thursday, June 7, 2007

NH Dem Insider: 'Networks Should Dis-Invite Gravel'

Former New Hampshire Democratic Party chairwoman Kathy Sullivan says that for future debates, "the networks should politely dis-invite Mr. Gravel."
"He just detracts from the time from the other candidates," Sullivan said. "He's not a serious candidate."
Which debate was Kathy Sullivan watching? And who the MF is she to tell us that Mike Gravel isn't serious?

He's the most serious of the bunch, Kathy. Not nearly serious enough for me, but a damn sight more serious than any of the others.

Mike Gravel speaks for the majority of Democrats -- and the majority of Americans -- on the most important issue anyone ever gets to talk about on television.

His position on Iraq -- "Get out now, or go to prison" -- makes perfect sense. Likewise his contention that anyone who voted for the war is unfit for the presidency. If there's any reason to dis-invite Mike Gravel, it's because he has an affinity for human life.

But of course Kathy Sullivan can't say that. And neither can any of the other party hacks -- from either party.

They would rather be complicit in ongoing mass murder than part of the solution.

Guillotines are far too good for these people.