Thursday, June 21, 2007

Progressives Busy 'Taking Back America' Can't Decide Whether To Give It To Obama Or Edwards

It's official -- unless maybe it isn't. The Progressives -- or maybe they're Liberals -- who are busy Taking Back America want to give it to Barack Obama -- or maybe John Edwards. They like Hillary Clinton third-best, then the undeclared write-in "candidate" Al Gore, who finished ahead of all the other declared check-the-box candidates in a straw poll for The Politico.

They didn't like Hillary as much:
Clinton is no favorite of the Netroots, and hardly registers in the online surveys, but was a clear third in the Straw Poll.

Clinton's speech, a litany of disputes with the Bush Administration and policy aims, drew a friendly reception, though perhaps not as rapturous as the reaction to her leading rivals. She was interrupted by loud boos when she blamed the Iraqi government for Iraq's current woes.
But they liked the two seriously pro-impeachment and anti-war candidates even less.
The two candidates farthest to the left, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel, were warmly received, but received few votes in the straw poll -- just 5% and 1%, respectively.
And apparently they still think Ralph Nader -- not a crooked electoral system -- put the shrub in the rose garden.
And when Ralph Nader, the giant of the 1970s left who may have cost the Democrats the White House in 2000, rose to introduce Gravel, he was met with boos.
I don't take it as definitive but it surely says something ... and what it says is not very encouraging.

The truth is out there somewhere, but apparently it couldn't afford a ticket to the conference.