Friday, June 15, 2007

Larisa: The Wrath Of A Nation Harboring Terrorists Will Be Directed At Us

Larisa Alexandrovna has posted a good foreign policy roundup, which she summarizes as follows:
Failure in Pakistan, that is, to continue to push for a criminally insane military dictator while his own people are trying to overthrow him is going to follow us home - because where is Al Qaeda and its spin-offs operating from? And when Pakistan crumbles while we stand next to Musharraf, the wrath of a nation harboring terrorists will be directed at us, again.

Failure to reach out to Palestine forced the nation toward an extremist government and then punishing the Palestinian people for voting for their own best interests - minus an actual Western alternative - has created a very dangerous situation. Adding to that our role in pushing for the Israel Lebanon war and our attempts to silence any and all criticism of Israel while openly supporting a corrupt government in Israel robbing its own people blind, is likely NOT to make us any friends on either side of this long standing conflict.

Throw in the proxy war against Lebanon using terrorist groups, arms sales to Gulf nations, funding Sunni extremists against the Shia in order to wage an illegal covert war against Iran, and we have quite literally made sure to destabilize the entire region. I will not be surprised if all of these various and angry factions get together and take down once and for all the House of Saud, and with it, our own economy. And finally to make matters worse, we are creating a hostile relationship between Russia, whom at this moment seems to have far more international support than we do. Imagine a monster like Putin seen as a hero on the world stage. We have quite literally created a Russia-China-Iran triangle of massive military and economic might and at the same time managed to create chaos in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, and even the Sudan through yet another proxy war.

But this is what happens when our national policy is based on corporate profits and interests and not on actual national advancement, achievement, progress, etc.
One thing I've noticed about Larisa: She doesn't usually mince words.