Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chris Floyd: The Winnowing Ground

Chris Floyd is usually so good that I could link to him every day, and I would hope that most of my regular readers are reading him regularly, just like I am. (And if not, what's keeping you?)

The piece he posted Monday quotes from Chris Hedges and Naomi Wolf, both of whom you should read too, of course, but it's this comment from Chris Floyd that has stuck with me:
It's been treason for a long, long time. And as we have said here over and over, the time has come to draw the line. Any public official, any politician who will not call this treason by its rightful name -- and will not dedicate themselves to the immediate removal of Bush and Cheney from power -- is not fit to hold office. Let them take action -- or if they cannot, let them resign from any association with the bloodstained wretches in the White House -- or let them be damned as accomplices to evil.

There is no third way, there is no accomodation or negotiation or compromise to be made with this kind of filth. We have come now to the winnowing ground. Choose where you will stand.
Please read all of Chris Floyd's "Home and Away: Spreading the Seed of Torture and Tyranny".