Thursday, October 4, 2007

Down But Not Out: Craig Murray And Chris Floyd Ride Again!

[UPDATED below]

Some of my favorite bloggers have been seriously inconvenienced by hacker attacks [and/or system failures] lately.

Craig Murray [photo] has seen his site taken down, but a backup site has been set up here, at least for the moment, and a new site is in the works and should be ready shortly.

Chris Floyd's site, Empire Burlesque, was hacked again [or maybe not; see below] and was down for a while, but it's back again now. Chris has kept his previous site active in case of emergencies, and that's here.

Atlantic Free Press and Pacific Free Press are back online again, too, after being similarly hacked [or whatever happened].

Chris Floyd explains what happened.

UPDATE: devilsadvocate has suggested in the comments that perhaps Empire Burlesque, Atlantic Free Press and Pacific Free Press all went down due a hardware failure crash rather than a deliberate hack. I haven't been able to verify or this one way or another, and it could be that Chris Floyd's explanation (to which linked above) was mistaken.

There is no such question, however, about what happened to Craig Murray's original site. If I ever learn more about this situation, I will share; in the meantime I thank newjesustimes for reminding me that this question was still open.