Friday, October 12, 2007

I Like Laurie: Dobson For Senate In Maine

On the sidebar (under "Campaign") there's a very short list of candidates I support, and lately there have been whisperings in the comments about possible additions to the list. (I can't help but think of David Byrne: "I'm checkin' 'em out, I'm checkin' 'em out...")

Here's a definite immediate addition: Laurie Dobson, who is running for US Senate in Maine on a straightforward three-plank platform:
My Three Planks for U.S. Senate Race in 2008

1. I'm running to bring an immediate end to the war and the policy of perpetual warfare. I can't think of a more important plank.

When I say "bring an immediate end to the war" I mean all the wars: the overt wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the clandestine war in Iran, the wars by proxy in Pakistan and Somalia. Changing the policy of perpetual war, changing the perception that America's rightful place in the world is to be at war; these are my absolute priorities.

2. Impeachment is necessary to defend the balance of power Bush has unrecognizably changed for the worse. Regardless of the time this is begun, it must be an impeachable offense to follow the Bush-Cheney war policy.

Further, we need a legislative program to ensure the full restoration of the Rule of Law as guaranteed under the Constitution.

It's time to restore habeas corpus, it's time to stop warrantless surveillance, it's time to stop torturing people, it's time to restore posse commitatus, it's time to repeal the so-called USA PATRIOT Act and its successor, it's time to re-establish the Bill of Rights as superior to the whim of any President, and in general it's time to make it clear once and for all that no government official -- neither the president nor the head of the CIA nor anyone else -- is above the law, and that we are all responsible for our own actions.

3. Those who have risked their lives in defense of their country deserve no less than full medical coverage. I support free medical coverage for all those in service to their country, and their families. When we stop spending a trillion dollars a year for perpetual war with the rest of the world, we will have the means to pay for universal health care, and doing this is my pledge.
Seriously, how can you not support this? I can think of a couple of other planks I might like to see, but there's nothing here not to like, as far as I can tell.

Webster Tarpley keeps saying "Run for office!" and I think that's one of the most important points he makes. I'd like to see more well-informed and well-intentioned people do the same, and when they do, I think it's not only our right but also our duty to support them, however we can.

I'm checking out a couple of other candidates, so there will probably be more additions to the sidebar soon, and if you know of any other candidates that this frozen blog could possibly support, please mention them (in the comments here or in an open thread somewhere) and I'll check 'em out. If I like what they're saying, I may support 'em. You just never know.

You didn't think I was gonna leave you hanging with that Talking Heads reference, did you?

This is "Cities", recorded live in Rome in 1980, with David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz and Jerry Harrison joined by Steve Scales, Bernie Worrell, Dolette MacDonald, Buster Jones and Adrian Belew.