Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weblog Nominations Are Closed: Thanks For Your Support

Nominations have closed and the selectors are working on their short lists for the 2007 Weblog Awards, where it has been an honor to be nominated in no less than four categories, along with such talented and dedicated patriots as Chris Floyd, Larisa Alexandrovna, Arthur Silber and Michelle Malkin. It's also been my privilege to nominate a few excellent but largely unrecognized bloggers, and of course I hope they are all selected for the next phase.

The short lists -- 10 finalists in each of 45 categories -- will be posted in just a few days, and then the voting will commence. Unlike the nomination process, in which you were asked to register or sign in or else comment anonymously and await moderation, voting will require no registration or login and the results will be visible in real time ... or so they say. I'll let you know when the lists are posted so you can join me in supporting our favorite bloggers. I'm looking forward to voting early and often.

Early and often? Hey! That's a joke! It's an election-integrity joke, too! There aren't too many of those around, and that's a shame, isn't it?

But seriously: you can only vote once in each category ... unless you have access to the secret proprietary source code ... or you can change the memory card on the machine ... or you know the secret sequence of invisible controls that flip the result -- Hey! What do you know? 51% for me!! It's a miracle!!

Hey! That's another joke! Come ON! Would I kid you about something as serious as election integrity?