Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Writer Who Offends NRA Gets Death Threats

The National Rifle Association calls itself
an organization of nearly 4,000,000 members, which dedicates itself to preserving the rights of law-abiding citizens to choose to legally own guns, while also calling for the strict enforcement and punishment of those who break the law ... an organization that counts among its staff, national officers, and members current and retired law enforcement professionals ... NRA reserves its support for the Second Amendment to lawful and responsible citizens
and they must be lawful and responsible citizens indeed, because when they read something they find offensive, they respond with a barrage of death threats against both the author of the offensive piece and the publisher.

To put this in perspective, imagine if the death threats were being sent by brown, bearded men with names like Abdullah and Ahmed and Mohammed. How long would it take before they were in prison?

Or to look at it another way, how many offensive pieces do I read every day? If I sent death threats every time somebody ticked me off, how long would it take before I was in prison, too?

In other words ... don't we have laws against terrorism?