Saturday, July 30, 2011

Still Kicking

Kick the ball with your instep. [source]
I apologize for leaving this blog dormant for so long. I'm still kicking, and to prove it, I've started a redesign of the site to take advantage of some of the new features that Blogger has been offering for years and years. Some of us are slow that way. Sorry about that.

If you are accustomed to scanning the blogroll, you will find it's not on the sidebar anymore, but at the bottom of the page. The same goes for the blog archives, although the news links are in their usual place.

The redesign may have scrambled some old posts, and one of my many happy tasks in the upcoming days and weeks is to find and fix them. Sometimes there's a reason why we're slow.

I hope to get back here again soon, both to finish the redesign and to write a post or two. In the meantime I am still busy researching the life and death of Gareth Williams and writing "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery," to which I gently draw your attention.

With any luck, I will soon be able to write about the recent events in Norway. I am also working on some other things, and I will post them when they are ready but not sooner. In the meantime I thank you for visiting my mostly dormant blog, and I remind you to kick the ball with your instep.

UPDATE: My friend Bob in Prague remarked in an email, "Don't forget to bounce!" In my view, if you hit it right, you can't avoid bouncing! which sets you up perfectly for a back-flip when the ball hits the back of the net!