Monday, April 16, 2007

Building Hit By Military Plane Burns But Fails To Disintegrate

The Washington Post has this amazing report from West Africa:

Guinean military plane hits TV station: witnesses
CONAKRY (Reuters) - A Guinean military plane crashed into the West African country's state broadcasting centre on Monday, setting fire to the building located across the road from the U.S. embassy, witnesses said.

"A Guinean army plane crashed into the roof. The building caught fire and the fire brigade are there now. Luckily everybody got out and at the moment there are no reports of injured or dead," said TV journalist Makale Soumah, who works at the building.

"The two pilots inside the plane were able to eject and use their parachutes," she said.

A spokesman at the U.S. embassy, which is located across the road from the broadcaster, said there was nobody hurt at the embassy and no damage to the embassy itself, but would not comment further on what had happened.

Witnesses said the plane was a Soviet-made MiG.

After severing links with former colonial ruler France, Guinea, the world's biggest bauxite exporter, built up close links with Moscow and its air force has several Soviet-made MiG-21 aircraft.
Now that everybody got out alive, they're probably all standing around watching the fire and waiting for the Catastrophic General Failure which always goes along with planes crashing into buildings ... unless that part of the 9/11 story was fiction!

But that story came from government sources, via the mainstream media. And they wouldn't lie to us ... would they?



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