Sunday, April 29, 2007

Peeling The GWOT, One Layer At A Time

The formerly so-called Global War On Terror is so bogus that you can think of it as an onion, each layer representing not just one lie but a whole pack of them. And now that Bill Moyers has exposed the deliberate fraud of the War on Iraq, I find myself wondering whether he has what it takes to do the same for the fraudulent War on Afghanistan, the proxy War on Somalia, and the secret War on Iran.

Then maybe we could have a serious look at the 2004 presidential "election", the 2000 presidential "election", and even (or especially!) the 2004 Democratic "primary".

After that we would still need at least one show about 9/11, one on the London bombings, one on the Madrid bombings, two about the Bali bombings, and one about the fake Liquid Bombers plot.

We're really looking at three miniseries here: one on bogus Wars, one on bogus Elections, and one on bogus Terror.

Then perhaps a fourth miniseries could cover our government illegally spying on us, foreigners spying on our government, the suppression of whistleblowers, and the institutionalization of torture.

All these different angles; all these different shows. In the end, they'd all be about bogus "News".

And that's just the GWOT.

Wait till Moyers starts making shows about domestic policy!