Saturday, April 7, 2007

We Can't Depend On The Democrats And Even Cindy Sheehan Has Noticed

It's nice to see some essential knowledge moving through the ... um ... food chain ... belatedly or otherwise ...

This report comes to us from Iran, where it's already "Sunday, 8 April 2007"

Bush Critic Blasts Democrats
CRAWFORD, Texas, April 6--Prominent Iraq war opponent Cindy Sheehan urged US President George W. Bush on Friday to "end this madness" and accused his Democratic foes of having "betrayed" their anti-war supporters.

Sheehan, whose soldier son Casey was killed in Iraq in 2004, led dozens of protesters to a security checkpoint near Bush's Texas ranch, set up a makeshift altar, and read out names of some of the US dead in Iraq.

"Our message is: Today is Good Friday, when Jesus Christ was killed by the Roman Empire. He rose again on Sunday, came back to life. But our loved ones won't be coming home" from Iraq, she told reporters.

The protesters will tell Bush "to end this madness for our families," said Sheehan, who took a tough line against Democrats who harnessed anger at the Iraq war to recapture the US Congress in November.

"They got there and they betrayed the grass roots that put them back there," she said. "We can't depend on the Democrats."
I wonder what tipped her off?
The Democrats are locked in a bitter struggle with Bush over an emergency war funding bill that would set a timetable calling for a withdrawal of US forces from the strife-torn country in 2008.

"The timeline is now, not 18 months, not two years, or whenever they feel like it," said Sheehan.

The anti-war movement "lost a little momentum during the elections, but it's picking up again" because "the Democrats aren't really doing anything" to end the conflict, she said.

"There are hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and America who are dead forever, and there are families who are destroyed forever because of George Bush's policies," she told reporters.

Sheehan started visiting Crawford in the summer of 2005 when she wanted to meet with Bush while he vacationing at his ranch. Bush had met with her after her son died but did not see her again, although he sent some top aides to talk to her.

Democrats have attached a troop withdrawal timetable to their legislation, and Bush has vowed to veto it if it reaches his desk.
Speaking of which, it's amazing the amount of venom the chumperor has been spending on a bill he has no intention of signing. Imagine the whimpering sounds that we'd hear coming from the Oval Orifice if the Democrats had anything like 2/3 of the votes -- and the will to use them!