Friday, April 13, 2007

REVEALED: Rove Deleted His Email Accidentally!

Finally! Here's a story that will put to rest all the idle speculation about one of the ugliest pseudo-scandals in recent American history. Now, finally, all has been revealed:

Karl Rove didn't mean to delete all the email which the White House says it can't find. He was just doing the usual housekeeping that people do when they organize their email, and he had no idea that messages were being deleted from the server as well as from his inbox.
Karl Rove's lawyer on Friday dismissed the notion that President Bush's chief political adviser intentionally deleted his own e-mails from a Republican-sponsored server, saying Rove believed the communications were being preserved in accordance with the law.
"His understanding starting very, very early in the administration was that those e-mails were being archived," Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin, said.
And everybody knows attorneys never lie, and Rove never lies, so it's simply inconceivable that Rove's attorney could be less than truthful about this.


There's no need to lose any further sleep over the "loss" of thousands of potentially incriminating documents, because they weren't deliberately shredded, they were just accidentally deleted. And there was nothing to hide anyway.

That's why the White House can confidently state that
the administration is making an honest effort to recover any lost e-mails.
You see? It's all quite simple and above-board.

So just move along, there's no story here.

Nobody lied, nobody died, nobody cried.

It's just a political witch-hunt. That's all.

And it's pointless, because everybody knows there are no witches in the White House.

Just a bunch of slimy bottom-feeders who will say anything to stay in power for another day, and whose lies are getting more transparent all the time.
The prosecutor probing the Valerie Plame spy case saw and copied all of Rove's e-mails from his various accounts after searching Rove's laptop, his home computer, and the handheld computer devices he used for both the White House and Republican National Committee, Luskin said.

The prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, subpoenaed the e-mails from the White House, the RNC and Bush's re-election campaign, he added.

"There's never been any suggestion that Fitzgerald had anything less than a complete record," Luskin said.
Yeah, sure! That's a good one. How would a prosecutor know if there was anything missing? Unless Rove kept a list of the email messages he had deleted, there would be no way to know what was missing ... and because Fitzgerald never complained that anything was missing, that proves what, exactly?

Oh, it just doesn't say. How unfortunate. But whatever...
The mystery of the missing e-mails is just one part of a furor over the firings of eight federal prosecutors that has threatened Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' job and thrown his Justice Department into turmoil.

For now, Bush is standing by his longtime friend from Texas, who has spent weeks huddled in his fifth-floor conference room at the Justice Department preparing to tell his story to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

New documents released Friday by the Justice Department may shed additional light, but their release prompted Gonzales' one-time chief of staff, Kyle Sampson, to postpone a closed-door interview with congressional investigators.
Again, more evidence that this is nothing but a pseudo-tempest in a pseudo-teapot.

If Alberto Gonzales had done anything wrong, do you think it would take him weeks to prepare for a little bit of testimony?

And if Kyle Sampson had anything to hide, would he be postponing interviews with investigators?

Of course not. Move along. Lah-de-dah. Pfft.