Sunday, April 29, 2007

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! (Cheney First, Please)

There's good news from all over the country and I can bring you a bit of it, starting with Larisa Alexandrovna from Miami:
Hundreds of protesters gathered at the Kendell Miami-Dade College campus where President George W. Bush spoke on Saturday afternoon. Roughly 200 protesters were clustered near temporary fences and an estimated 600 altogether spent the better part of the afternoon marching and holding signs alongside a main road near the college campus. (Read the rest at Raw Story)
Impeachment rallies are always fun. So is Hawaii. And according to Mike Rivero at What Really Happened dot com,
The impeachment demonstration in Honolulu was spread out over a large number of intersections. Here are some of the people from just one.

Finally, here's Matthew Cardinale reporting from Atlanta:
About 20 Atlanta activists met at sundown at Freedom Park to spell out the word IMPEACH with an array of candles on a hill at a major intersection, Freedom Parkway and Moreland Avenue.

So for about 90 minutes, motorists and pedestrians coming from at least three different directions got a message: impeach.

The event completed a day of impeachment rallies and marches in Atlanta and indeed nationwide.
Read the rest at Atlanta Progressive News.

If you know of more good reports on impeachment events, please post links in the comments thread. The big media are not going to report this so the little guys have to take up the torch ... again!

As always, I thank you for your input.