Saturday, April 7, 2007

Report: US Bombing Houses In Iraq Again

US Makes Fresh Raid in Diwaniyah
DIWANIYAH, Iraq, April 7--US forces launched an air strike in the central Iraqi city of Diwaniyah Saturday as clashes between Mahdi army fighters and US troops continued for a second straight day.

An Iraqi army source said US planes had bombed houses in the city's Al-Jhumuriyah district, "destroying two them", adding there was no immediate information of casualties.

The Iraqi military source said clashes were pitting US forces against armed men in Diwaniyah's Salim Street and southern areas of the city including the Nahda and Wahda districts.

A curfew continued in Diwaniyah for a second day and hospitals were calling in doctors to report for duty, the Iraqi army source added.

US forces swept through the city on Friday, arresting nearly 30 fighters and killing three fighters as part of the crackdown aimed at crushing the Mahdi Army.

Over the past year, Diwaniyah has seen repeated clashes between US troops and Mahdi Army fighters.
In other words, here we go again ... again!