Monday, April 2, 2007

Crimes Against Humanity As A Win-Win Proposition

Writing about the "aftermath" of the not-quite-accomplished US "mission" to overthrow-by-proxy the government of Somalia, Chris Floyd hits the nail squarely on the head -- again!
And what has been the outcome of this "regime change," besides the vastly increased level of human suffering? Why, destroying moderate influences and radicalizing younger Somalis into support of Islamic extremism, of course – the same outcome we have seen in Iraq, the same general template for the entire "War on Terror," that vast machine of loot and domination that creates more terrorism at every turn. As AP notes:
Islamic militants - who now dominate the insurgency - stockpiled thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition during the six months they controlled Mogadishu. The insurgency will likely last until that stockpile is depleted, or key leaders are killed.

The militants have long rejected any secular government and have sworn to fight until Somalia becomes an Islamic emirate. Clan elders have tried to negotiate several cease-fires, but cannot control the young insurgents.
Isn't that wonderful? What a blessing for the American interests represented so ably by our president and his sterling team. Raising up a whole new generation of young, radicalized Islamic extremists – most of them raised in the hellholes of failed states shattered by America's "War on Terror" – can only mean boffo box office for profiteers of war, fear and terror for decades to come! Think of all the long green that "security consultants" like Rudy Giuliani will be raking in from the new crop of "asymmetricals" sown by Bush's wars. Not to mention the even greater profit margins of the weapons peddlers, the "military servicing" empires, the oil barons – and the body-bag manufacturers.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: there is no such thing as "bad news" for the Bush Terror Warriors. They can either reap the fruits of conquest in their regime changes – or simply make hay in the bloody aftermath of the blunt force trauma they inflict on millions of people. Either way, the money keeps rolling in. In office or out, the Bushists will keep on sowing the seeds of terrorism and revenge – but it's the rest of us who will reap the whirlwind.